Our Philosophy

We work for you

As independent wealth advisors, we have access to virtually any investment or insurance product. We conduct thorough research and recommend appropriate, objective, solutions. Our only agenda is to make you happy.

We are accessible and responsive to your needs. We are always available when you need us by phone, email, or in person.

We believe in the process

Our process begins by developing a personalized financial plan, what we call our "financial road map." 

Then, we suggest an allocation strategy consistent with your goals and risk tolerance. Our expertise has shown that the majority of your long-term performance is attributed to this asset allocation.

Next, we hand-select investments to represent each asset class within your allocation.

We continually monitor your financial plan and your portfolio: updating, rebalancing, and adjusting when necessary. 

We invest for the long term

Short-term volatility, coupled with constant media noise, causes the average investor to make emotional decisions that may be detrimental to their long-term performance. We will guide you through periods of uncertainty, helping you keep current events in their proper perspective. 

We think outside the box

Comprehensive diversification includes investments that compliment a traditional stock and bond portfolio. These "alternative" investments may include REITs, managed futures, long/short portfolios, commodities, and MLPs.

We care about expenses and taxes

By reducing your expenses and taxes, we have a greater chance of improving your performance. Our investment screening process takes into account expense ratios and tax efficiency.

We have no bias toward active management or indexing, and we will use each strategy when appropriate. 

We seek lifelong relationships

We want to be helpful to you through all the stages and events in your life. We seek to build long-lasting personal relationships founded on trust and transparency.

We believe in giving back. We donate a portion of our profits to organizations that are near and dear to our clients, and we are active in local charitable initiatives.